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Unrivaled Medicine God
The Diary of an Ennuyee

NovelUnrivaled Medicine GodUnrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2153 – Battle of Dragon Sons! sweet summer
When Ao Xu listened to, he could not help using a surprised deal with very.
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Lengthy Chi’s brows furrowed, and this man said, “Brother Ao Xu, what are you here for?”
Lengthy Xiyue checked toward Ye Yuan by having an affectionate search.
Prolonged Chi experienced a sour look since he said, “There wasn’t in earlier times, but now …
The Romance of Industry and Invention
That was still Long Xiaochun staying very fun, which was why her farming rate was so gradual.
Chapter 2153: Battle of Dragon Sons!
our dragon competition bloodline is incomparably n.o.ble. So even though you give up on you to ultimately lose heart, never place yourself in the same group for a pig, such a low-quality existence-develop!”
When in front of Ao Xu, Lengthy Chi stated that has a doleful search, “Brother Ao Xu, you will need to uphold justice just for this more radiant buddy! Disregarding that that boy wiped out my Hao-er, he even made use of this type of solution to humiliate me! I actually can’t endure this grievance!”
… …
This scene right this moment ought not take place.
Luckily for us, this Ao Xu’s interaction.h.i.+p with him was pretty good. Long Chi permit out a sigh and mentioned,
Could anyone still fury you until similar to this within this Raindragon Stronghold?” Ao Xu said curiously.
What Very long Chi reported, each one of these was unthinkable, not to mention so it even taken place to at least one person at the same time.
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Can it be that his encounter would utterly shed during the Eastern side Suppression Pseudo World?
This make a difference was too inconceivable!
“Hehe, Ye Yuan, viewing an excellent grandaunt, shouldn’t you kowtow?” Lengthy Xiaochun teased Ye Yuan again.
Extended Chi noticed his presentation and countenance and stated, “Brother Ao Xu arriving at Raindragon Stronghold, is it …”
Long Xiaochun experienced a sour deal with. Out of the blue, she had a ignite of encouragement. Yanking Ye Yuan, she obtained an look of providing people with feeling of incapable of assist to present tender care and attention when one noticed her as she said, “Big Brother Ye Yuan …”
If she cultivated diligently, her recent sturdiness would already be G.o.d is aware how horrifying.
Ao Xu chuckled and explained, “You do not ought to worry about what I’m here for primary. You’re carrying out a thing exclusive in this article. This Emperor could even pick up your howls from the hundred mls aside.
Ao Xu chuckled and said, “You don’t should worry about what I’m for initial. You’re performing one thing distinctive listed here. This Emperor could even hear your howls from a hundred mls absent.
Lengthy Chi noticed his dialog and countenance and mentioned, “Brother Ao Xu coming over to Raindragon Stronghold, is it …”
But perfect presently, Ao Xu offered a little cry of astonish. A white-colored key obtain jumped out of the void and landed in Ao Xu’s hands and fingers.
Longer Xiaochun got a nasty confront. Instantly, she got a kindle of enthusiasm. Taking Ye Yuan, she possessed an overall look of providing people with a feeling of incapable of assist to reveal sore treatment when one spotted her as she claimed, “Big Sibling Ye Yuan …”
But correct at this point, Ao Xu gave a little cry of astonish. A bright white solution buy jumped away from the void and landed in Ao Xu’s hands.
This Ao Xu was Divine Stronghold Purpledragon Stronghold’s Divine Emperor powerhouse. Having this arena viewed by him, would not this unsavory scandal propagate to all of the heaven strongholds?
Obtaining a affirmed solution, surprise was published across Ao Xu’s face when he mentioned, “Then, that which you said earlier was all accurate?”
Ye Yuan smiled and mentioned, “Relax, Aunt, keep Xiaochun’s development with me.”

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