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Chapter 377 fact avoid
Even I Have Become A Beautiful Girl, But I Was Just Playing As A Net-Game Addition
Lin Yuan’s mentality of buying all the things exhilarated Large Buddy Feng.
Lin Yuan failed to assume that Gao Feng was actually a literary youngsters. It was too pretentious.
Lin Yuan could hear that Gao Feng was exhausted through his speech on the telephone.
Well before Lin Yuan could speak, Gao Feng’s pretentious and astonished tone of voice originated other finish of the phone.
Nevertheless, Lin Yuan experienced deemed Gao Feng as his good friend. Following hearing Gao Feng’s weakness as part of his tone of voice, Lin Yuan requested Gao Feng instead of referring to himself 1st, “What’s been taking place lately? You’ve obtained yourself so exhausted.”
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Lin Yuan’s words and phrases induced Large Brother Feng to choke and cough before a mouthful of atmosphere could show up.
Right after considering for a while, Lin Yuan stated, “Zhao Xiaochun’s t.i.tle is Meal Hater. Could be Meal Hater way to get rid of most of the meal to make sure that there is no a lot more food.”
Gao Feng: “I’m during the blowing wind! I’m during the surf! These are typically verses in the surf during the night time~ I’m also a minimal key on the verses.”
“She’s obviously a lot more like Essential Needle Girl. I’ve seen Zhao Xiaochun’s compet.i.tions a few times. I truly can’t observe how such a lean little girl can place so many eateries to personal bankruptcy.”
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This kid’s ideas sounded additional infuriating than Zhao Xiaochun inducing the eating places to go bankrupt!
Large Sibling Feng, who was in excellent sorrow and terrific delight, observed that his thoughts was rotating in soreness.
This batch of Gold bullion substances that Lin Yuan possessed acquired now was almost as much as just how much that his keep usually purchased in a month approximately!
“Kid, have you ever heard of Zhao Xiaochun, one from the Radiance Hundred Sequence while using t.i.tle Meals Hater?”
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Although Lin Yuan could not really reported to be informed about Zhao Xiaochun, he experienced met her with both his ident.i.ties. Lin Yuan asked, “Big Brother Feng, would you like Zhao Xiaochun a good deal?”
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“I have several Golden-Edged Skirtfish. I prepared them for all those significant motels. If you have any you expensive, take them out.”
Seeing that he heard Lin Yuan’s words and phrases, the grin on his confront was substantially more overstated.
Nevertheless, Lin Yuan acquired deemed Gao Feng as his pal. When seeing and hearing Gao Feng’s tiredness on his tone of voice, Lin Yuan questioned Gao Feng instead of referring to himself initial, “What’s been taking place , recently? You’ve obtained yourself so worn-out.”
Right after planning for a long time, Lin Yuan claimed, “Zhao Xiaochun’s t.i.tle is Meal Hater. Possibly Foods Hater methods to obliterate each of the foods so that there is absolutely no a lot more meals.”
Well before Lin Yuan could chat, Gao Feng included, “Brother, I’m by the beach. Listen to the noise of the water.”
Lin Yuan sensed that Massive Sibling Feng’s ideas jumped considerably.
Huge Buddy Feng, who has been in terrific sorrow and good happiness, felt that his intellect was spinning in agony.
Soon after settling the expenses, Lin Yuan said to Massive Sibling Feng, “Big Buddy Feng, basically if i require ingredients again in the foreseeable future, I’ll come back to buy them from you.”
Following signing off Legend Website, Lin Yuan investigated his smartphone. Right then, whilst it was late at night, he scrolled his cell phone and found Gao Feng experienced updated his friend’s group.
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Lin Yuan could not discover the sound of the waves clearly, but the sound of the sea force of the wind was loud in the phone’s mic.
Just after he done selecting the elements, he resolved the costs. Lin Yuan did not plan to shell out 700,000 Brilliance $ $ $ $ to purchase this batch of Yellow gold compounds.
Lin Yuan could pick up that Gao Feng was fatigued through his speech over the phone.
Massive Buddy Feng instructed himself soundlessly, Others are irritated, but I’m not. There’s n.o.human body to switch me should i become ill from the rage. I still have a store to run.
Well before Lin Yuan could speak, Gao Feng’s pretentious and taken aback speech originated in the other finish from the telephone.
Following settling the expenses, Lin Yuan thought to Significant Buddy Feng, “Big Buddy Feng, if I want ingredients again sooner or later, I’ll get back to buy them from yourself.”
“Brother, are you currently getting in touch with me as you skip me? Hehe.”
Massive Brother Feng, who has been in terrific sorrow and good delight, observed that his head was rotating in agony.
Lin Yuan always thought that Gao Feng was just pretentious right before posting on the friend’s group. He did not assume that Gao Feng was actually enjoying the sea by the beach.
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Gao Feng: “I’m from the force of the wind! I’m inside the waves! They are verses on the surf through the night~ I’m also a very little key from the verses.”
Lin Yuan could hear that Gao Feng was tired through his tone of voice over the phone.
When Lin Yuan acquired purchased the larger batch of Precious metal substances, Significant Buddy Feng was beaming with fulfillment.
“Alright! Ok! Should you need anything at all below, just contact me. I guarantee to offer you well! It’ll always be the exact same 10% price reduction.”
Lin Yuan always thought that Gao Feng was only pretentious right before publishing over the friend’s group of friends. He failed to expect that Gao Feng was paying attention to the water by the beach.
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Lin Yuan would shop for several of Huge Sibling Feng’s Precious metal materials so long as the individuals in the mansion loved to nibble on them.

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